Sarah Dogget

Sarah is a doula—a Greek word meaning ‘woman who helps’. The modern usage is a practitioner who works with birthing families before, during and after babies are born. Having a doula at the birth of her first child inspired Sarah to seek training to do this work in the world. She provides physical, emotional and spiritual support, and helps to promote empowerment. Since 2006 she has been helping families through this rite of passage and feels incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to help birthing parents have positive birth experiences and ease in the postpartum period.

Sarah has found that being a doula does not limit her to helping ONLY with birth and babies, but rather, is a part of who she is. She uses the same reverence and skills to help people through all kinds of life transitions and challenges. As a trained Reiki master, she is able to use this energetic practice to promote well being and peace in those she cares for. She also uses the amazing power of essential oils to exponentially enhance the healing and help she provides. 

Sarah is a mother of five growing children, living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of 20 years. She enjoys communing with nature as much as possible, gardening, cooking and making mixed media and fiber art, and loves exploring the connection between the health of the pelvic bowl, creativity and personal power.